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Geoengineering, human weapon to save coral reefs – Italian Center Weather

Geo-engineering, human weapon to save coral reefs – 28/05 / 2015 – What can be done to save the coral reefs? Everyone is talking more and more about geoignegneria well of alleged plots to use derivatives of engineering, but few know that thanks to this we may soon be able to save the delicate habitat of coral reefs, one of the ecosystems more at risk because of climate change. The coral could be saved thanks to a drastic reduction in CO2 emissions, and the thesis to a study published in the prestigious journal Nature Climate Change, in which it is explained that a team of researchers are trying to to develop the technique of the Solar Radiation Management. This technique of geoengineering would be the management of solar radiation, injecting gas into the stratosphere to form particles can reflect a bit ‘of sun rays coming to Earth. So putting all the geoengineering appears inevitable.

geoengineering reefs

Geoengineering to save coral reefs – photo

So the solution was found: to deviate a bit ‘of sunlight thanks to the geoengineering would result in a limitation in increasing the surface temperature of the sea, and then it would have beneficial effects on the coral reefs. Use the geoignegneria has always been much discussed, both in science as that “talking point”, perhaps a bit ‘too out of turn, but more often It has been criticized because of potential effects unpredictable. The constant increase in sea surface temperatures, together with acidification of the same, is the number one cause of the disappearance of large areas of coral reef. The more ambitious goal, with or without Geoengineering , would be to reduce CO2 emissions within fifty years.


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